The Buddha gave instructions for three different kinds of people. Those who wanted to avoid suffering received the teachings of cause and effect («Narrow Way», skt. Hinayana; also: Theravada. «The school of the elders»). Those who wanted to do more for others he gave the teachings on wisdom and compassion. («The Great Way» skt. «Mahayana»). When people had strong confidence in their own and others Buddha Nature, the Buddha taught the Diamond Way (Skt. «Vajrayana»). Here, he manifested himself as forms of energy and light or directly transmitted his enlightened view as a stream of consciousness. In this, the highest level, the goal is to achieve the full development of mind, effortless spontaneity Great Seal. (Skt. Mahamudra). In the Diamond Way Buddhist learns to experience the world from a rich perspective and self liberating. His meditations develop a deep inner richness and lead to artificial and undisturbed mind where every enlightened activity can develop.